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3 Benefits of the Air Force JROTC Program at R-MA

The Air Force Junior ROTC program offers a unique learning experience to students at Randolph-Macon Academy. At our private academy, students are taught through a combination of scientific theory, practical training, and teambuilding exercises. Not only do we provide instruction in air and space fundamentals, but our teaching is centered around the core Air Force values of integrity, service, and positive leadership. 

R-MA is currently the only private school in the United States to offer an Air Force Junior ROTC program. Students who excel in these areas are given the honor of joining the “Cadre” group of each graduating class. We are proud to offer a challenging and innovative curriculum to broaden the horizons of students at our boarding high school. Here’s a closer look at the value of the Air Force Junior ROTC program at R-MA. 

[Infographic] 3 Benefits of the Air Force JROTC Program at R-MA

1. An Innovative Academic Curriculum

  • The program explores Aerospace Science through courses on the heritage of flight, the space environment, and rocketry
  • Additional courses include principles of navigation, space technology, and aerospace vehicles
  • Students gain valuable insights into the aerospace industry
  • Cadets participate in field trips to military bases, aerospace facilities, and museums
  • Students expand their awareness of the world around them
  • The chance to develop modern skills that lead students towards a practical career

2. Fostering Character Development in Students

  • Cadets are taught character traits of selflessness, service to others, and integrity
  • Self-discipline prepares students to take on the many challenges ahead
  • Students develop a high standard of achievement and take pride in their work
  • Self-confidence is taught through in-class discussions and public speaking
  • Students learn the value of perseverance and a positive attitude
  • Cadets develop “people skills” to accomplish daily tasks with their peers

3. Building Leadership Opportunities 

  • The Air Force JROTC involves teamwork and leadership activities 
  • Small group exercises teach cadets to problem solve and compete in drill events
  • Students learn to trust and work alongside one another
  • Effective communication techniques, including written and oral skills
  • The essentials of positive leadership with discussion topics on prejudice, ethics, and stress management 
  • Graduates of the Cadre Leadership Program assume top positions in the Corps
  • Leaders in the Corps have the responsibility of training new cadets