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Bus Schedules

R-MA is pleased to provide several bus routes for Day students with buses owned by the Academy. As safety is our priority, all Academy-owned vehicles undergo an inspection every 5,000 miles and receive routine oil changes, tune ups, belt inspections, and tire inspections based on the manufacture’s recommended maintenance schedule. R-MA retains a full-time mechanic on our campus. 

All vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each trip.  The buses are equipped with comfortable vinyl seats ready to bring students to and from our beautiful campus.  

The R-MA student transportation fleet consists of four 44 passenger buses. Two are International buses that were purchased in the last three years. These buses are used for parades, field trips, and away athletic events.

There are also seven minibuses that seat 14 passengers and five 7 passenger minivans.  These vehicles are used for shuttle buses to Haymarket and Winchester, small field trips and small team athletic events. 

Learn more about our available bus schedules and inventory: 

Vehicle Inventory