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Character & Leadership Development Program

Designed by the Thomsen-Ellis company in 1916, this picture was used during World War I to remind American citizens that knowledge will help win the war. R-MA, as distinct of an institution she is, endeavors to provide students even more opportunities beyond the “books” the chap is climbing. Honor, self discipline, resilience and character can’t be learned in a classroom beyond the theoretical – they can only be learned experientially.   

The Academy’s focus on character and leadership development has served and continues to serve as a hallmark of an R-MA education. Providing Cadets the tools to be successful in the classroom and beyond, the Character and Leadership Development Program (CLDP) will focus on self-discipline; holistic health and fitness; emotional resilience; the Code of Conduct and citizenship; drill and etiquette; teamwork: applied and adaptive leadership; and ethical decision-making.

Cadets will receive CLDP training four days a week. This training will consist of mandatory, for credit classes and Cadets will attend classes with their unit, not as a class year. Attending and working as a unit will enable leadership and mentorship opportunities, unit cohesion, common objective setting, and begin to develop an understanding of the importance of good followership skills as essential to effective leadership. During the week each Cadet will follow four tracks: Code of Conduct, Military Courtesy and Drill; Physical Fitness and Wellness; GPS for SUCCESS; and Principles of Leadership.

Cadre Summer Leadership School
Summer Leadership School (SLS) attendees are selected among rising juniors and seniors who are prepared for their assigned leadership positions in the Corps for the upcoming year. Students learn about basic drill instruction, uniform and personal appearance, team building, discipline and respect, honor, and leadership. Many activities include visits to D.C. monuments, visits to military installations or activities, and laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Code of Conduct, Military Courtesy and Drill

Physical Fitness

GPS for Success

Principles of Leadership