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Strategic Plan

Vision 2024, Randolph-Macon Academy’s Strategic Plan, reaffirms our commitment to the values and traditions that have sustained R-MA since its founding in 1892 and to the future needs of those young men and women who will look to us to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and qualities essential to succeed in a rapidly emerging future. 

The world at large and the world of education are changing with greater velocity than imagined even by the futurists of a mere 25 years ago. It is the obligation of a school community to respond to society’s changes in ways that both protect our students and prepare them for courageous ways of thinking, collaborating, and solving the challenges they will face.

Under the leadership of our President, Brigadier General David Wesley, USAF, Retired, and previous Board Chair, RADM John Stufflebeem, USN, Retired, the Board of Trustees commissioned three vital assessments in the Fall of 2016. The assessments were in the areas of advancement and enrollment management, marketing and brand identification, and an Academy-wide academic audit. The results of these assessments revealed areas in which R-MA should focus significant attention to sustain the most robust learning environment possible. 

Today, Randolph-Macon Academy continues to instill in our students the values of character, grit and leadership – components of our superior college-prep program with military values that produces a 100% college acceptance rate every year to world-renown universities. R-MA’s efforts are also respected and recognized as the Academy is competitively ranked as a Top 10 Private Boarding School in all of Virginia by for 2022. 

The Strategic Plan is available to download here, providing a detailed look at ambitious goals that R-MA will attain by 2024. 

United by values, meaning, and purpose, the goals and strategies of this plan serve as a roadmap for R-MA’s future. An impactful strategic plan takes into account the Academy’s mission; its finances and physical plant; best practices in the field of education; the role of Air Force Junior ROTC in instilling knowledge, leadership, and character; and economic and demographic factors within R-MA’s marketplace. Against that field, Vision 2024 prudently considers factors that might negatively affect the Academy, while seeking to create the capacity and flexibility to capitalize on emerging opportunities.