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4 Benefits of the Air Force JROTC Program at Our Preparatory School

As the only private school in the United States with an Air Force Junior ROTC program, R-MA offers its students a unique academic experience. On campus, students can explore their potential and grow as successful leaders and accomplished young cadets—gaining valuable knowledge that enhances their studies and personal development.

Through the Air Force JROTC program, students learn the Air Force core values that focus on Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do. This allows R-MA students to build strong character while preparing them to better achieve their academic and personal goals. Here, students can experience and practice what they learn in class through various activities and initiatives. 

This blog post will introduce four benefits that students gain by participating in our Air Force JROTC program! 

1. Improving Academic Studies through the Air Force JROTC Program 

The Air Force JROTC program serves as a component of R-MA’s strong academic curriculum, which introduces key values and skills that better prepare students for graduation. Through the program, students can supplement their learning by exploring Aerospace Science—studying the heritage of flight, the development of air power, principles of aircraft flight and navigation, the space environment, and even rocketry to name a few focus points. 

This background provides them with valuable insights into the aerospace industry, allowing them to explore their academic interests and build on their knowledge of the world around them. Education comes first at R-MA, where your child can broaden their perspectives and develop new skills that lead them towards a brighter future. By participating in our Air Force JROTC program, they can take their academic journey to the next level.

2. Developing Character and Self-Discipline at Our Boarding High School

Cadets in the Air Force JROTC program learn military customs and courtesies, flag etiquette, as well as the value of citizenship. This allows them to understand the importance of self-discipline, where they can develop stronger character and grit to succeed in any challenges they may face ahead. 

The Air Force JROTC program allows students to develop good character and self-discipline

Throughout their time at our boarding high school, students have the opportunity to apply Air Force core values in their daily life. By embracing “Excellence In All We Do,” your child can develop higher standards of achievement and take pride in their work—excelling in various activities from maintaining their dorm to completing their assignments. In doing so, they can work towards self-improvement and professional development.

3. Exploring Team-Building and Leadership Opportunities 

Part of our Air Force JROTC student experience involves teamwork and leadership activities. Students learn to trust and work with each other, developing effective communication skills in order to complete tasks more efficiently. Here, students join a supportive community where they can help each other grow and achieve personal and professional goals.

By participating in the Cadre Leadership Training, cadets can discover the value of teamwork while developing important leadership and communication skills. This includes teaching new and returning cadets as well as practicing written and oral communication skills—preparing them to accept and thrive in leadership and managerial positions both within the cadet corps as well as after graduation.

Students in the program learn key leadership and teamwork skills

4. Gaining Valuable Life Skills and Experiences to Prepare for Post-Graduation 

As a preparatory school, R-MA strives to prepare its students for college and life after graduation. By participating in the Air Force JROTC program, students are introduced to valuable life skills along with helpful techniques for effective communication and management. These experiences provide them with unique opportunities to explore careers and colleges, positioning them to succeed in the college application process.

More and more colleges are seeking standout applicants with accomplishments and skills that showcase character and drive. Through our advanced academic curriculum and Air Force JROTC program, R-MA students are primed to meet and sometimes exceed these expectations and requirements. 

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