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International Admissions

Randolph-Macon Academy welcomes International Students. For several years, 800+ students from 20+ countries have called the R-MA campus their home during the school year. We are incredibly proud of our student body which undoubtedly contributes to our school culture. Email us at with any questions. 

R-MA in Seoul, Korea

Randolph-Macon Academy is pleased to meet with one of our strongest alumni communities in Seoul, South Korea. R-MA graduates from Korea have gone on to esteemed universities such as UC Berkeley, McGill University and George Washington University, and now contribute in various financial, venture capital, professorship and academic industries.

R-MA in Hanoi, Vietnam

R-MA is proud to welcome Vietnamese students from Hanoi, a major cultural hub contributing to our most vibrant and enthusiastic international community on our campus today. Our Academy has the privilege of meeting with Hanoi families on a yearly basis.. R-MA Hanoi graduates have gone on to esteemed institutions such as George Washington University, George Mason University and American University.

R-MA in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

R-MA is grateful to the enduring support and relationship with families from Ho Chi Minh City. Families with backgrounds in international trade, real estate and government relations entrust their children to study at our Academy. R-MA is proud to have students who have matriculated to diverse institutions including George Washington University, Virginia Tech and Virginia Military Institute

Meet our International Students below!

China: Kunnian Zhao

China: Nancy Pang

China: Sibo Yang

Liberia: Godfrey Delaney

Mongolia: Sodbilig Amartuvshin

Myanmar: Aung Se Phone Khant

New Zealand: Jeff Yan

Nigeria: Okezie Onwuegbu

Rwanda: Aubin Kambanda

Saudi Arabia: Sulaiman Alharbi

South Korea: Ethan Park

South Korea: Hyun Woo Lim

South Korea: Jaewon Bong

Ukraine: Grant Goncharuk

Ukraine: Polina Harkusha

Vietnam: Anh Minh Than

Vietnam: Dang Khoa Le

Vietnam: Dean Nguyen

Meet Our Domestic Students

R-MA requires all International Students to submit an application through the R-MA Online Application Portal. 

There is a non-refundable application fee of $100. Both parent and student must electronically sign the online application. 

All applicants must write a one-page essay with the topic indicated in the application. Essay may be uploaded directly to the online application portal. 

Copy of birth certificate or passport along with valid Immunization Records must be submitted. 

To include all applicable school information. Provide a school record request form to each school the student has attended in the last three years. 

R-MA recommends students submit one or more of the following test scores: 

One completed Recommendation Form is required for Fall and Spring applicants. 

 This will be scheduled with your Admission Counselor upon receipt of the items listed above. 

Once all application requirements have been met, the Admission Committee will review the material to determine the applicant’s qualifications for acceptance and the family will be promptly notified of the decision.  

All accepted International Students must have a US-based guardian who lives within 200 miles of R-MA. Click here to download the PDF file.

R-MA does not charge any additional fees for guardianship as the relationship is solely between the student’s family and the designed US guardian.

A valid statement is required to confirm Proof of Funds.