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Student Life

R-MA offers a comprehensive Student Life program with Day and Boarding options. Student Life at R-MA is designed to instill values of accountability, teamwork, character, structure and grit. Each dorm floor is fully staffed with a Cadet Life Supervisor and meal options adhere to a food philosophy that promotes healthy, nutritious and sustainable meals. Athletic opportunities are available for all skill levels, with facilities and equipment to match on a vast 135-acre campus. 

Daily life at R-MA is founded on honesty, mutual trust, and respect for others. Students, faculty, and staff members work together to promote good relationships and understanding, develop school spirit, and help every new cadet adjust to life at R-MA. 

To support these goals, every student is bound by the Honor Code, which is based upon three beliefs:

  • To trust a person is to make that person worthy of that trust.  We treat our students as young adults, and in return we expect them to act responsibly.
  • No person will lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us those who do.  This is a violation of the trust placed in each student.  All cadets are expected to meet a high standard of integrity that teaches each cadet to instinctively place personal honor above personal gain in all endeavors.
  • Every person is a gentleman or lady.  Students must respect others, whether they are other students, faculty members, staff members, or visitors to the academy. Common courtesies are extended to all and expected by all in return.