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Health & Wellness

The care of your child is as important to you as it is to Randolph-Macon Academy. The Whitworth Medical Clinic is located on the lower level of Stan Fulton Hall. 

Whitworth Medical Clinic houses a male and female sick bay where students can stay if they are not feeling well and need to be watched by our nurses. The clinic is staffed with qualified and experienced nurses to manage and coordinate the healthcare needs of our students. After clinic hours, first-aid and medical needs are attended by trained dorm staff, who work closely with our nursing staff and Student Services to make student safety and wellness of utmost priority at R-MA. If anything arises that needs additional care, Warren Memorial Hospital is located less than a mile from campus and students will be transported by an R-MA employee who will stay with him or her until they are released or until a parent or guardian arrives to the hospital. 

During the school day, a doctor is available to examine any students as needed. R-MA maintains close partnerships with both Front Royal Family Practice and Front Royal Family Pharmacy, to provide for the medical needs of our students. In addition to these local resources, our nurses work in collaboration with parents to coordinate appointments for any additional or specialty medical needs that a student may require.

Magnus Health System

Our school has partnered with Magnus Health System to provide more efficient and consistent health care services to your child. All your child’s health information is collected, stored, and managed in one location. Magnus allows the school to have immediate access to your child’s medical record from any necessary location. Magnus account login information will be sent to your family upon acceptance. Families will answer online questions regarding health history (called the Vital Health Record) and upload essential medical information to include: 

  • Immunizations: If immunizations are not up-to-date, the nurses will notify you to allow plenty of time prior to registration.  In special situations, the school can provide transportation to the health department for the student to get any immunizations that are not complete. 
  • Physical: Completed annually and is valid for one calendar year. Physicals should be done during the summer to ensure that they are valid for the entire school year. Students are not permitted to participate in any athletic activities without a valid physical. 
  • PPD Skin Test: A PPD Skin Test must be completed every two years. If it is not current, please have this completed and uploaded into Magnus prior to registration. With your authorization, our nurses can administer the additional skin tests once your student has enrolled. 
  • Proof of Health Insurance: A copy of your student’s health insurance, dental, and prescription insurance. Your student will not be allowed to register unless we have a copy of your student’s health insurance. Please note, we do not accept non-Virginia Medicaid.
  • Consent to Treat form: This form allows R-MA to act in loco parentis and to grant permission for emergency treatment in the event that you are unavailable; R-MA medical clinic staff to provide minor first aid, dispense routine medication specific to the needs of your student, and exchange medical information with health-care providers as necessary to ensure appropriate medical care for my child. This form must be electronically signed and updated prior to every school year.
  • HIPAA Release Form: This form discusses the medical privacy of your student’s medical information while they are at R-MA. This form must be electronically signed and updated prior to every school year.
  • Authorization for R-MA nurses to administer the flu vaccine and the PPD Skin Test: This authorization is completed electronically and give the R-MA nurses permission to administer the flu vaccine every year and the PPD Skin Test every two years.

It is Randolph-Macon Academy’s policy to dispense regularly scheduled medications using a bubble packing system.  Bubble packing medication is a process done at the pharmacy in which the medication is placed in a card with 30 individual bubbles for each corresponding day of the month.  The medication is then dispensed from the card for the corresponding day and time that the medication is to be administered.  Using the bubble packing system will benefit both you the parent and the student.  The pharmacy will handle all refills and contact the prescribing physician for those refills.  This benefits the student in that there will be no lapse in receiving scheduled medication due to refill problems or mail issues, this will ensure medication dispensing safety.  If your student is on a schedule II medication, you will need to request a new prescription from your student’s prescribing physician monthly.  The only exception to this policy is if your student is only boarding for 30 days or less or it is a medication that has been prescribed for 30 days or less.

The local pharmacy we use is Front Royal Family Pharmacy.  Please know that the pharmacy accepts insurance and will bill appropriately; co-pays will be billed to your student’s R-MA account.  Please bring a paper prescription with you on registration day so that the nurses can submit it to the pharmacy for fulfillment. 

Over-the Counter-Medications
Over-the-counter medications are kept in the clinic, or with appropriate school personnel in the evenings and weekends. Students are not permitted to have any medications in their dorm rooms, to include vitamins, unless it is approved and authorized by the nurse. If a student has an inhaler it must be reviewed by the nurses before approval can be given for the student to keep it with them.

If your child is on an herbal supplement, please provide a written statement from the student’s physician stating the medical reason for supplementation, the strength, dose, and frequency of the supplement. Absolutely no protein based powders/supplements are allowed.

For more information about our Infirmary Services, please email our Infirmary or call 540-636-5210.