Spiritual Life

Randolph-Macon Academy is a boarding school with a healthy respect for those of other beliefs. It was founded by the United Methodist Church, and the faculty and staff believe that young people must have an ethical, moral, and spiritual foundation upon which to build their lives. To that end, we strive to engender within students a respect for religious heritage and for all matters spiritual. The Academy is ecumenical in matters of religious belief, and welcomes students of all religions.

Chapel services are scheduled so that day students as well as boarding school students may attend. Student leadership and participation in the service is encouraged regardless of religious affiliation. R-MA also encourages students to share their joys and concerns to be prayed for during the chapel service. Throughout the year, special services and observations are incorporated into the services at both the Upper and Middle School. The Spiritual Life program offers additional opportunities for students to explore faith and grow in character and leadership. These opportunities include: mission trips, service opportunities, Bible studies, small group meetings, Confirmation classes, and the student praise band. R-MA also has an interfaith prayer room (that was designed by students of the world religion class) available to students, faculty, and staff. We strive to be a “city on a hill” where all are welcome to live out their faith as they see fit, to respect differences, and to serve others.

The physical center of the spiritual activities at R-MA is Boggs Chapel, which features an Allen Renaissance Quantum (TM) Model Q-385 Organ and a state-of-the-art sound system. The chapel seats approximately 450 people.

The chaplain is also available for students to go to for guidance relating to spiritual matters.

R-MA is pleased to provide live-streaming Chapel Services for special occasions. Chapel Services are geared towards people of all different faiths. We thank Michael DeMato (Music) and Brian Kelly (Film) for their efforts in guiding this student production: 

  • Chapel Media Team: Sardor Danier, Richie Garcia, Clayton Athey, Caleb Wilson, Liz Markov, Dove Alliali
  • Praise Team: Sardor Danier, Cecilia Parades, Vincent Kofie, Alex Tendler, Ethan Mayo, Zachary Laing

Click here to view our YouTube Playlist featuring Chapel Productions.