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Brigadier General David C. Wesley,
USAF, Retired

“It is time for looking beyond the limits of our own local and national horizons that we may catch the vision of world interest and world need.  It is a time for facing our own responsibility as American citizens in helping to promote a spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among the peoples of the world.


Your task is not, and will not be, an easy one.  But the future of civilization, as we know it, is in the hands of you and others of your generation whose high privilege it will be to have a part in molding a better world.”

As young leaders graduate from R-MA, these words by Colonel John C. Boggs, our longest-serving president, echo across the decades.  The forces of time, war, nature, social change, and the advance of technology pale before his dramatic charge to our graduates; and they cannot dampen his message’s primacy to our graduates and the challenging world in which they will live.

For thirteen decades, young people have come to The Hill to learn and grow, to master the basics and practice their faith, to inquire and to perceive.  To live and study here is to become part of a dynamic, diverse community of talented, curious, motivated people, faculty and students, striving toward the improvement of humanity…and to do so on 135 acres of the most beautiful ground on Earth.

Our students come from everywhere in the world and across the United States, but they all prepare to attend college when they leave.  We’ve made that possible for every graduate for more than a decade and we help our seniors secure substantial funding for college as well.  

I hope you’ll find ample evidence of all of these wonderful things here on our website and that you will be inspired to visit us here in Front Royal, Virginia.  Seeing our campus has inspired generations of students to make R-MA their home and to come back for their 50th and 60th Homecoming celebrations to remember where so many wonderful journeys began! 

We look forward to welcoming you. 

David C. Wesley



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