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Class Ambassadors

R-MA alumni are leaders, dedicated to supporting team members and inspiring the rise within those around them. Class Ambassadors take that a step further, strengthening the alumni community by keeping their classmates meaningfully connected with each other and with R-MA.

Class Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Supporting R-MA philanthropically and encouraging classmates to do the same
  • Keeping in touch with classmates and sharing updates with the Advancement Office (graduations, jobs, weddings, births, awards, etc.)
  • Maintaining and updating the class roster with addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
  • Attending R-MA events and encourage classmates to do the same
  • Bringing classmates together at reunions, gatherings, and celebrations

For more information or to volunteer, contact the Advancement Team at (540) 636-5206 or at

Class Ambassadors
1947: Jerry John 
1955: John M. Cornwell
1957: George Riddick, Jr. & Charlie Paris
1959: Philip A. Covell
1962: F.C. “Chris” Stark
1963: Joseph J. Harding
1964: Donald A. Sutton
1965: James A. Councilor & Edward S. Linsley
1966: Frank “Chip” Humphrey
1968: John D. Simar
1969: Douglas R. Huthwaite
1970: Jim Fort
1971: Woody Trant
1973: Fred Greenwood
1974: Paul S. Rollison & Walter E. Werner, III 
1975: Glynn Williams
1976: John G. Finucan
1979: Phillip J. Kardis, II
1982: Andrew Harriman
1984: Bryan V. Moore
1987: Daniel T. Kichline
1988: Stephen Churchill & Michael Starling 
1989: Scarlett (Praml) Kibler
1992: Trinette (Gamble) Drake
1995: Fitch Brown
1996: Kelvin K. Ampofo
2001: Kayleen Peneda
2003: Brandon Fleetwood
2005: Alexandria Middleton
2007: Joseph J. Gbenjo
2011: Cooper Bourdon & Juliette Michael
2012: Sirui Zhang
2013: Brett Johnson
2015: Roop Atwal
2016: Emma Bunker & Taylor Jones
2018: Ryan Latham
2019: Fatoumata Diallo
2020: Christine Ogbuebile
2022: Malachi Ham & Sunny Lee
2023: Tyra Mairura