Air Force Junior ROTC

Designed by the Thomsen-Ellis company in 1916, this picture was used during World War I to remind American citizens that knowledge will help win the war. R-MA, as distinct of an institution she is, endeavors to provide students even more opportunities beyond the “books” the chap is climbing. Honor, self discipline, resilience and character can’t be learned in a classroom beyond the theoretical – they can only be learned experientially.   

“Thank you for your recent update to parents regarding the college application process in the third year Aerospace class. This class is positively excellent on multiple levels and you are clearly doing a wonderful job of connecting with the students. Katy has come home many a night regaling us with what took place in your class that day. She is always excited; she recalls large portions of the day’s curriculum; and it is evident that the students (not just Katy) are learning skills for a lifetime. The types of exercises you have them do are precisely what is needed throughout adult life. Thank you for everything you do to make this third year class not just another class, but a stellar, standout class that students will look back on and appreciate.”
~Helen Babineau, Parent of Katy ’20

Randolph-Macon Academy is the only private school in the United States that offers the Air Force Junior ROTC program. All Upper School students participate in this program. AFJROTC is “taught” in the form of a class for Aerospace Science. Students “live” out the lessons learned in these classes by practicing Leadership and Character Development. Students who excel in these areas are part of the “Cadre” group of each graduating class. 

Elite Units

Drill Team


Leadership & Character Development: Cadre