A College-Prep School

A College-Prep School

with Air Force Junior ROTC

Experience The Power of Rise. 

At Randolph-Macon Academy's Upper School, we combine the best parts of a college-prep boarding school and a military school. 

What does it mean to be a college-prep military boarding school? It means that 100% of our graduating students earn acceptances to four-year colleges or universities. It means that students in grades 9-12 learn self-discipline in a safe, structured environment.  Small classes, personal attention, and the availability of advanced courses ensure that each student is challenged to reach his or her full potential.  The result: our graduating classes average over $6.6 million in college merit scholarships each year.

Our students find success through empowering programs that build their confidence while at the same time they are challenged to reach their potential - in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in leadership positions. Inspire the Rise within your child by requesting information online or calling us at 540-636-5484.


A college-prep school with small classes and personal attention, where academics are engaging.

Learn for the Future

The best college is the one where a student can be successful. The college counseling office helps each student find that college.

Leadership at R-MA is taught through Air Force JROTC.

Become a Leader

Air Force JROTC is a key component of leadership training at R-MA. Students interested in becoming military officers may want to consider the High Flight Program

Positive moral values are developed through a formal mentoring program, chapel services, community service, and an honor code.

Build Confidence

Mentoring, chapel services, the Honor Code, the Air Force Core Values, and community service are all part of teaching positive moral values. 

A military school that has a strong arts program might sound like an oxymoron, but at R-MA, it just works.

Be Creative

Band, Drama, Chorus, and Art, along with Speech and Debate, provide plenty of opportunities for the creative mind!

Boarding school students have a sense of independence yet are held accountable for the cleanliness of the rooms.

Be Independent

Life at boarding school is constantly busy. Structured study halls provide time to do homework in a quiet environment, while free time is when you get to hang out with your friends.