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How Supporting R-MA Helps to Build Confident and Independent Learners

Randolph-Macon Academy supports a modern format of inclusivity, making it a comfortable environment where students of all backgrounds can thrive. The ability for students to gain confidence throughout their school years starts with a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, which we strive to uphold from the day they arrive on campus.

Our unique variety of program offerings at R-MA, such as Air Force Junior ROTC, the  Pre-Professional Pathways, a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs, and numerous athletics teams, ensures every student finds a program that they feel comfortable in and excited about. Continue reading to discover how your support can help students become confident, independent learners. 

Learning Important Values That Help Students Thrive at R-MA

R-MA students come from across the country and around the world. United here on The Hill, they discover much about themselves and their peers. On our dynamic, community-oriented campus, students learn to lead with confidence in the classroom, as well as their personal lives.

Values such as accountability, teamwork, character, structure, and grit are fostered through a challenging yet supportive educational environment that prioritizes collaboration and academic exploration. Working together through problem solving in the classroom also leads to students’ abilities to seamlessly work together on the sports fields, in our local R-MA community, and in their futures as great friends. 

These values are what giving back to R-MA is all about – helping students create healthy habits and form meaningful relationships that help them become strong leaders in college and beyond.

Supporting R-MA financially helps students learn how to use their strengths to collaborate and form meaningful relationships inside and outside of the classroom

Supporting R-MA Students Through Failure and Success

Every student goes through an adjustment process as they get used to life on campus. Supporting R-MA students every step of the way is something that we pride ourselves on, and is what helps them gain confidence in themselves as they calibrate to boarding life.

Academic support from mentors, college counselors, and caring faculty and staff help our graduates take the lead in their own learning, upholding the 100% college acceptance rate year after year. And beyond academics, we encourage our students to challenge their creative minds in everything they do to gain another level of independence. From organizing new clubs, to generating electric school spirit, our students continue to surprise us every day with their latest efforts. We understand that no one is successful at everything the first time they try, which is why our students learn to take risks, accept failure, and learn from every experience.

Through every failure and every success, R-MA students learn how to support and be supported in order to learn and grow from each experience

Letting Themselves Feel Accomplished in Their Own Abilities

Through their trials and tribulations, students learn to appreciate the process of their academic, social, and professional growth. Learning alongside so many like-minded peers on campus, they adopt a growing sense of accomplishment that helps to pave a path of confidence and success. Even when the results of their efforts are not what they originally expected, they understand the rewarding growth opportunities that come with each experience. 

Our generous supporters – including R-MA alumni, parents, and friends – ensure that we continue to uphold the prestigious standards and programs that make our Academy unique. With the life-changing opportunities that our former students experienced themselves, our current and future students are able to thrive as confident and independent learners.

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