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Here’s How You Can Support the Personal Pathways of Our Students

Students at Randolph-Macon Academy come from all over the world with different interests, searching for their own paths to success. What unites them is a shared commitment to perseverance towards their goals. Through a rigorous academic curriculum, leadership initiatives, and extracurricular activities, R-MA engages the passions and abilities of every student. At both the Middle and Upper School levels, students learn in an inclusive community that values the experiences and ideas of each individual. Our experienced faculty is there to guide students at every stage of their education to nurture their personal, social, and academic growth. 

Inspiring New Passions

R-MA embraces an individualized learning experience. We encourage every student to explore new interests and discover their own capabilities in the process. Our campus offers extensive opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom to challenge students to reach their full potential. The academic curriculum at R-MA includes diverse programs that range from Visual and Performing Arts to Robotics and Aviation. Students will find different avenues to exercise their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

Outside of the classroom, our extracurricular activities encourage the personal and social development of individuals. Students learn the value of teamwork, leadership, and responsibility while exploring a vehicle of lifelong enjoyment. Drama, Athletics, and Student Council are just a few of our extracurricular options. Many clubs at R-MA are also student-led. Individuals find the confidence to discover new interests and guide their own experiences on campus. 

donate to R-MA
Engaging the interests of our community when you make a donation to R-MA

Supporting Student Ambition When You Donate to R-MA

Academic opportunities at R-MA are designed to prepare our students for unique career paths. Students are exposed to challenging and innovative programs that shape their ambitions for the future. Our Middle School offers a curriculum that encompasses science, technology, and the arts. In our January term courses, students have further opportunities to explore specific topics they are passionate about. Here, they’ll engage in experiential learning that goes beyond the core curriculum. J-term courses include Finance, Flight Exploration, and Outdoor Adventure. 

Upper School students will begin to explore potential career paths and develop a foundation for post-graduation success. The Pre-Professional Pathways program is a chance for students to explore an area they are passionate about and gain practical experience in that field. These include Aviation, High Flight, Global Entrepreneurship, and Software and Engineering. 

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Academic programs cater to the professional ambitions of students

Providing Academic Assistance 

The academic success of our community is a top priority. For that reason, R-MA offers a range of mentorship programs and academic assistance services designed to guide the future of each student. The Learning Support Program helps cadets to reach their full potential by honoring their strengths while recognizing they may need guidance to find optimal success in a rigorous academic setting. The goal is to give them the confidence and direction to succeed as independent learners ready for the expectations of university. 

To ensure that every student receives personalized support, R-MA’s Mentorship program gives individuals the chance to form one-on-one relationships with their teachers. Through regular meetings, mentors can address the specific academic, personal, and social needs of a student. With the right support, every student at R-MA can meet their full potential on campus and beyond. 

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