Weekend Activities at Boarding School

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R-MA is a seven-day-a-week boarding school. While we have an open campus policy that allows students to go home on most weekends, some students choose to remain on campus or live too far away to go home on weekends.  We try to ensure that these students have various opportunities to have fun or just get a break from being on campus.  The Front Royal Area Transit (FRAT) bus stops on campus to take the students into Downtown Front Royal to do their laundry, go shopping, see a movie at Royal Cinemas, or hang out at the local coffee shop, the Daily Grind.  Students are also able to take the FRAT bus to the shopping centers just north of town, where Target and Wal-Mart are located.

R-MA also offers organized weekend trips and activities.  Dependent on student interest.

Upper School Weekend activities at Randolph-Macon Academy. A private boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia.

Each year Upper School cadets participate in special weekend events, including:

  • Homecoming*
  • Apple Blossom Festival (Winchester, VA)*
  • Military Ball 

*The campus is "closed" on these weekends; boarding students must remain on campus until their last obligation has finished, at which point they may sign out for the remainder of the weekend.