Zhiyuan "Bradley"

Zhiyuan ("Bradley") is an international student at Randolph-Macon Academy, a boarding school in Virginia.
Class of 2019, Boarding Student from China

Came to R-MA: 2016, as a sophomore. 

Hometown: Beijing, China.

Sports played: Badminton, Volleyball, Triathlon (swimming, running, cycling).

Other activities: Magic, piano, National Honor Society (Math), Programming, Drill (Color Guard, Armed Exhibition, etc.).
Honors/Awards received: President’s List and the JROTC MOAA Medal.

Cadre position: Group Support NCOIC for 2017-18. Chosen as Deputy Group Commander for 2018-19. 

What’s the best part about being at R-MA? Get to know people from different cultures, having a small class environment, building character. 

Who is the R-MA adult who has made the biggest impact on you and why? Sgt. Laing; my mentor, who always has the best advice on anything I struggle with. 

What is your favorite R-MA uniform? Service Coat.
What is your favorite R-MA class and why? Math; it’s my strongest subject and I have a great teacher.
Where is your favorite place at R-MA? Crow basement; where all the drill team trophies are.
If you had a whole week to do anything you wanted, what would you do? Spin rifles.
What is your favorite community service project? Rise Against Hunger meal packaging.