Megan McCann

MS Student Life Supervisor

Megan McCann is a graduate of Kent State University with degrees in fashion design, English, and teaching.  She has varied experience from formal classrooms to recreational camp settings.  Above all, she has a heart for working with teenagers, even though they can be difficult at times.

While formal education is important, life occurs outside of the classroom and often there aren’t classes in the subjects of “life.”  She loves that the dorm experience offers so many teachable moments.

“I’ve seen that kids don’t necessarily know the common sense things that they should know,” she observes. “There are times they make comments and you can tell this is actually what they think, and you have to stop what you are doing and address it.” 

Miss McCann enjoys using her creativity in a variety of outlets such as: sewing, designing clothes/ jewelry, refinishing furniture, reading, writing, decorating the dorm to brighten the atmosphere for the students, and more!

  • M.A. Teaching, Kent State University
  • B.A. Fashion Design, Kent State University
  • B.A. English, Kent State University