Lynette Lane

US Science Teacher

“I do love teaching these kids. Teenagers are spectacular and fun,” says Lynette Lane. “I’m wired to teach teenagers. I feel like I have this fantastic life--look at what I get to do for a living. This is a dream job!” 

That statement neatly sums up the fireball of enthusiasm that makes up R-MA science teacher Lynette Lane. With an unsurpassed passion for both her subject matter and her students, Ms. Lane is clearly in the career for which she was created.

Ms. Lane has more than 30 years of teaching experience, mostly in the private school setting. She moved around a bit at the start of her career, teaching at schools in Louisiana, Colorado, Mississippi, and Arkansas before settling in at the Webb School in Knoxville, TN, where she taught Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science over her 19 years there. After detours to Wyoming and Georgia, Ms. Lane arrived at R-MA in the fall of 2018. 

Ms. Lane always remembered the amazing teachers she had in seventh grade and ninth grade, and knew then that she wanted a career in science. Eventually, she realized she also enjoyed teaching teenagers. She tried straight research work in science, but the lure of teaching and working with teenagers was irresistible.

“You develop a relationships with the kids,” she says in explaining what has kept her in teaching for over three decades. “If you don’t, you’re missing an important piece.”

In the classroom, Ms. Lane focuses on “hard-thinking, deep conversations,” and creates activities that encourage students to be creative thinkingers. She also makes it a priority to reach out to her students. “My goal has always been to encourage creative, in-depth thinking in my students. I want them to be comfortable making their own decisions based on the information available,” she says. “While I can be persistent with my students, my number one goal with them is to allow them to feel comfortable interacting with me. I want to build relationships that allow them to trust me as both their teacher and as a significant role model in their lives.”

Ms. Lane has been a tour leader of the rainforest and barrier reef ecosystems in Belize, published several scientific articles, and also served as a volunteer in the Tongue River Ranger District in Wyoming every summer since 2010. In addition, she loves to hike, travel, and camp. She has two daughters, two grandchildren (with one on the way!), and two dogs, Simon, a six-year-old goldendoodle, and new puppy Tucker, a Mini Bernedoodle.

  • M.S. Life Sciences, Louisiana Tech University
  • B.S. Science Education (Biology and Physics), Louisiana Tech University
  • AP Environmental Science, Honors Chemistry, Ecology
  • R-MA Mentor