Geo Romanov

Upper School Cadet Life Supervisor

Geo Romanov comes to us from Valley Forge Military Academy where he served as the lead TAC Officer for five years. A TAC Officer is the equivalent to a Cadet Life Supervisor here at R-MA. TAC stands for training, advising, and counseling, and he performed all three on a daily basis. “There were times when a student was feeling conflicted, so it was time for me to be an advisor,” said Romanov. “Then there were times when students were acting up, so it was time for me to play the trainer role and PT [physically train] them.” 

The greatest asset that Romanov brings to the table, other than his experience in dealing with students in a boarding school atmosphere, is his experience in leadership. He served as an Infantry Platoon Leader from 2012-2015 in the United States Army where he led a 40-man rifle platoon. He was responsible for their training, health, and, ultimately, their lives. He can also teach R-MA students a thing or two about financial responsibility. During his 2008 tour in Iraq he was accountable for over $20,000,000 worth of weapons and equipment.

Romanov imparts the lessons he has learned as a leader to the students on his hallway. “Most of the counseling I have done here has to do with basic social skills and ability to recognize different types of personalities,” said Romanov. “Since I worked with kids on the spectrum before, I am very good at finding ways to match their unique characteristics.”

In his free-time, Romanov enjoys playing his guitar and studying Scandinavian and Eastern European culture and history.

  • B.S., Moscow Humanitarian University