Fatoumata "Rana"

Rana is involved in several sports at her boarding school.
Class of 2019, Boarding Student
Came to R-MA: I came to R-MA the summer of my sophomore year in 2016.
Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Sports played: Softball(earned Varsity Letter), Volleyball(earned Varsity letter), Soccer, Basketball.
Other activities: International Club, French Honor Society, National Honor Society, English Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Alpha Readers.
Other honors: I have been on President list since fall of my sophomore year. I have been Student of the Quarter, and received the Tuskegee Airman Award.
2017-18 cadre position: C/Senior Master Sergeant, Flight Sergeant of Charlie Flight.
2018-19 cadre position: C/ Lieutenant Colonel, Wing Commander.
What is the biggest benefit you are getting from R-MA?  I am learning how to become a responsible student, and developing my character in a daily basis. Also, I get to participate in many leadership opportunities that I would not be part of if I were not here. 
What’s the best part about being at R-MA? It is a very diverse and unique here, you are part of a family at R-MA. You get to learn about different ethnicities, and make lifelong friends here.
What is your favorite R-MA uniform? Athletics.
What is your favorite R-MA class and why? Drill class is my favorite class because I get to drill. In this class, I get to collaborate with various peers that I look up to and respect. We work together and the best part, we drill together.
What is your favorite place in Front Royal? Main Street.
What is your favorite community service project? Rise against Hunger.