Donavan is a boarding school student from Illinois.
Class of 2021, Boarding Student

Came to R-MA: 2017-18 school year, as a freshman. 

Hometown: Chicago, IL. 

Sports played: Varsity Basketball (earned Coaches' Award) and Varsity Soccer.

Other activities: Honor Council, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Music Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Band.  
Honors/Awards received: President's List, American Veterans AFJROTC Award, Top Performer AFJROTC Award.

Cadre Rank and Position: Cadet Master Sergeant, Operations NCOIC.

If you could tell someone one reason to come to R-MA, what would it be? You will have experiences that wouldn't be possible anywhere else.

Who is the R-MA adult who has made the biggest impact on you and why? Both Chief Lusson and TSgt Laing brought out parts of me I never knew existed and helped me grow. They have been trusted mentors.

Favorite book: Gone by Michael Grant.

Favorite place at R-MA: The gym. I can practice my craft and get ready for the season.

What is your favorite community service project? Mission trips.