David Camarillo

Night Student Life Supervisor

The background and experience of Lieutenant David Camarillo, US Army Reserve, Retired, makes him the ideal fit for the Cadet Life Supervisor position at Randolph-Macon Academy. Camarillo has extensive experience in supervising and interacting with children of all ages. 

His background ranges from leading young men and women in the armed forces to coaching YMCA middle school and public high school volleyball. He even worked as an investigator in Texas for Child Protective Services, a position that required a significant amount of studying and knowledge regarding the psychology of children.

Camarillo puts a great deal of emphasis on handling pressure moments and paints a picture of its importance when talking about Michael Jordan. “I have a lot of respect and admiration for Michael Jordan,” said Camarillo. “It was not his success on the court I admired, though. It was his bravery in the pressure moments. His willingness to put it all on the line with no guarantee of success or failure.” That is the kind of attitude Camarillo hopes to instill in students of R-MA. “They need to know that problems will happen for them and that they need to face them head-on,” explained Camarillo. 

Camarillo expressed how excited he is to work here and how seamless of a transition it has been. “Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work,” said Camarillo. “I love what I do here at R-MA and am so grateful to be a part of The Academy.”  

  • B.S., Excelsior University College
  • A.A., University of Maryland University College
  • Middle School Girls' Volleyball Coach