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Rising with R-MA’s Flight Program: How Sarina Winters, Summer Program Student, Pursues her Passion at Our Private Academy

Motivated by her passion for flying, Sarina Winters enrolled in Randolph-Macon Academy’s (R-MA) Summer Program—where she is currently learning about the technical aspects of aviation while receiving first-rate flight instruction using the school-owned Cessna planes. 

As a high school junior with drive and ambition, Sarina Winters is a great fit on campus. “I feel like there are more kids who are like me [at R-MA],” says Winters in an interview with Falls Church News-Press. She adds, “People who have goals and constantly want to learn more.” 

By focusing on the grounds and engineering aspect of aviation as well as flight instruction, R-MA’s flight program allows Winters to explore both of her interests: engineering and aviation. “One of the many reasons we like having students like Sarina is that she has the drive and goals and Randolph-Macon has the wherewithal to support her goals with our flying program,” said Academy Enrollment Director, Sung Chu, in his interview with Falls Church News-Press.

Hoping to serve in the Air Force like her parents, Winters’s goal is to enroll in an armed forces academy or at a school with a strong ROTC program. She is also considering applying for her father’s alma mater, UC Berkeley. As a college prep school, R-MA can help students like Winters achieve their academic and professional goals. With the school’s innovative academic program and wide range of educational experiences, students are well-prepared to succeed in university and beyond.


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