Most Teachers & Staff at Our College Prep Boarding School Were Vaccinated This Month

As Virginia rolls out its Phase 1B COVID-19 vaccination action plan, K-12 teachers and staff throughout the state have become eligible to receive their vaccines. The vast majority of R-MA teachers and staff have taken the initiative to sign up for this program, and received their inoculations on January 21st.

From the start of the global pandemic crisis, R-MA has been committed to meeting and exceeding health and safety guidelines in order to keep students and staff safe. We have been making necessary adaptations, enacting a number of practical precautions on campus to ensure the safety of everyone at our school. This resulted in our successful return to on-campus learning for the Fall 2020 semester.

The teachers and wider staff at our college prep boarding school have expressed that they feel very fortunate to have access to the vaccine so soon, with news of other states enduring delays. Taking part in this vaccination initiative is part of the commitment the teaching and administrative staff at R-MA have taken towards staying safe during these challenging times. We all look forward to continuing the academic year ahead with safety as a top priority.

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