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Get Ready to Explore Fall Sports at Our Prep School

Athletics enrich the lives of all students at Randolph-Macon Academy. From team sports to individual activities, we want every student to have the chance to get involved in the community, develop healthy habits, and find a new meaning of achievement. Our coaching staff is there to foster an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. With their support, our students learn valuable lessons in trying their best, failing, overcoming new challenges, and working towards their goals. 

Whatever your interests or abilities, we have a variety of sports to choose from this fall. Keep reading to learn why you should get involved in our fall sports this semester.

Find a Lifelong Passion Outside of the Classroom

Participating in school sports is not all about winning or losing. It’s about finding an enjoyable activity that supports the physical and mental health of our students, both now and in the future. Outside of their academic lives, students at our prep school are encouraged to develop a passion for sports, one that brings them focus, enjoyment, and a healthy outlet for stress. 

Building a love of sports early on is something that stays with our students. They can choose to pursue their interests to a higher level or simply return to that activity as a hobby throughout their lives. From cross-country to tennis, students of all abilities are encouraged to get involved in sports this fall. In the process, they discover a more enriching school experience while building memories of their involvement at R-MA. 

Students at our prep school discover new passions through fall sports.

Build Resilience and Discipline at Our Prep School 

Sports at R-MA are learning experiences like any others. Mental resilience and structure are important pathways to athletic achievement. When getting involved in these activities, students make a commitment to show up to practice, try their best, and stick it out through any losses or setbacks. The discipline this encourages is an important skill that translates to success in many aspects of life. When they succeed, our students can feel a real sense of accomplishment and take pride in their efforts. 

For example, cross-country welcomes both seasoned runners and those who want to prove themselves on a challenging two-mile course. Tennis gives students the chance to perfect their serve and backhand, or simply learn how to keep score. Similarly, varsity football acts as a tool that allows our students to learn the values of knowledge, leadership, and character. In each case, the technical, mental, and personal development our students experience is highly rewarding. 

Students build routine and resilience by participating in sports.

Collaborate With Other Students in Team Sports

Teamwork is another reason to get involved in athletics at our boarding school. Team sports support the development of an inclusive and close-knit community, one in which every student plays a valuable role. Sports such as soccer, volleyball, and football are available this fall for students to get to know each other outside of the classroom and build important teamwork skills. 

For example, our soccer team sees our diverse student population–from all over the globe and of all different abilities–playing alongside one another. This is an environment that allows our coaches to teach students what it takes to be a great teammate and build camaraderie. 

Many of our sports teams also go on to compete in championships and tournaments. Here, our athletes learn to win and lose as a team, helping to bond our students on and off the playing field.


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