Graduation Requirements

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Graduation is a time to celebrate! Through hard work and planning, students will earn the credits necessary for graduating with a college-prep diploma.
Randolph-Macon Academy offers three diplomas: Advanced College Preparatory Diploma, College Preparatory Diploma, and International Diploma.

Advanced College Preparatory Diploma

The advanced college preparatory diploma rigorously prepares students for entrance to the most competitive colleges and universities and requires 27 credits:

College Preparatory Diploma

A regular college preparatory diploma meets the necessary requirements to graduate from high school and go to college; it requires 24 credits:

International Diploma

The international diploma is designed for international students who require English as a Second Language training as indicated by their achievement level on the Secondary Level English Proficiency Test. It requires 24 credits:

Randolph-Macon Academy requires Aerospace Science courses, but they are not required by regional or national accrediting agencies.