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Fostering Lifelong Friendships At R-MA

Forming friendships is an essential part of young adulthood. As students at Randolph-Macon Academy move through their academic journey, they are encouraged to explore these relationships with their peers. With a student body centered on an Honor Code that ensures every person must be treated with mutual trust and respect, it becomes easy for students to form these lifelong friendships as they build their relationships on such values.

The result of R-MA’s dedication to ensuring students become the best versions of themselves? A solid foundation for students to thrive in their academic, professional, and social lives. As members of a strong, disciplined group, students are determined to support each other and see that each of them succeeds. Continue reading to learn more about the ways you can help R-MA to foster the creation of these lifelong friendships.

Relationship-Building Opportunities

R-MA continues to excel as a leading college prep school year after year. This success is due to a number of factors, including challenging academic curriculum, experienced and caring faculty and staff, and opportunities available to R-MA students. With support for R-MA from our generous alumni, parents, and friends, we are able to uphold this level of excellence for our students.

The opportunity to choose from a wide range of athletic teams is an important component in our students’ lives that allows them to create, explore, and solidify lifelong friendships. Many options are available and give our athletes the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be on a team, while also fostering camaraderie. After these athletes spend so many practices, games or matches, wins, and losses together, they become deeply connected with one another with friendships built on supporting each other.

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Giving to R-MA allows for more opportunities for students to establish lifelong friendships, such as during team sports

Clubs Help Students Find Peers with Similar Passions

Students in both the Middle and Upper Schools have the opportunity to join clubs based on their interests. When students align with others that enjoy the same passions, they are able to connect more deeply with each other and explore their similarities and differences. Having an environment where they can be themselves and build on their strengths gives them the confidence to continue to make long-lasting friendships.

This confidence then spills over into their academic life and is supported by our experienced and dedicated staff members. This social, academic, and personal development in our students plays a big part in R-MA graduates’ 100% university acceptance rate, which is a testament to the quality of education and the well-rounded life experiences found at R-MA. 

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Students have the opportunity to join clubs to form close friendships with others that have similar interests

Upholding a Community Foundation Built on Mutual Trust and Respect

When donors support R-MA, they are committing to changing the life of a student forever. As R-MA continues to grow and serve more youth looking for a leading college prep school, donors help to provide enriching opportunities for students, where they can see their friendships thrive and learn how to live in harmony with their peers. 

The Honor Code at R-MA is of utmost importance, setting the foundation for a student body that is ready and willing to serve each other while they achieve personal growth and success. While students are expected to treat others with trust and respect, so is faculty and staff, offering an altogether supportive and caring campus committed to the needs of each individual student. When you give to R-MA, you support our continuous efforts to maintain and improve our campus to better serve students for years to come. 

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