J-Term Concludes This Friday

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January 24, 2020
Melton Memorial Gymnasium, Mast Hall

Tools to DIY (Do It Yourself) was a popular class this J-Term. Projects included everything from a dog house to a coffee table.

J-Term will conclude this Friday, January 24th, with an opportunity for the R-MA community and invited members of the local community to learn about what the students have been doing for the last three weeks. 

At the Upper School, the concluding symposium will run from 9:30 am to 11:45 am. There will be an hour for floor presentations for all classes, which include Drone Applications, Art & Engineering, Tools to DIY, Unlocking Your Creative Potential, and many others. There will be a second hour for key performances from groups such as Winning Arguments, Mind & Body, and Multimedia.

The Middle School students’ work will be on display during a hall walk held in Mast Hall beginning at 2:00 pm. Tables will be set up outside of classrooms, highlighting posters, videos, and projects that were developed through the J-Term classes. These classes included Primitive Survival, Communicating without Memes, Video Editing, Civil War Strategies and Lessons, International Exposure, Crafting for a Cause, and more.

The students in the Middle School "R-MA Beautification" J-Term class planned out ways to improve the atmosphere at R-MA Middle School, then followed through on making those plans happen.