Facebook Live: Upper School Open House

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September 18, 2019

Our first on-campus open house will be October 14th, but you can get a sneak peek this week!

The Facebook Live event on September 18th will give a glimpse into the class day at R-MA. For a full campus tour, come to our next open house or schedule a personal visit.

Join us on Facebook on Wednesday, September 18th at 11:00 a.m. EDT for a special Facebook Live tour. 

Two of our student guides will show you around some of the Upper School campus and introduce you to a few of our teachers. (We're working on scheduling a date to do this for the Middle School!) 

Like our Facebook page now and mark your calendar to join in on Wednesday! Our students will be happy to take your questions during the tour. 

Afterwards, if you like what you see and hear, you can contact the Admission Office for more information, or register for one of our upcoming open houses!