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Every day during Flexible Learning Time, students have the opportunity to meet with teachers for extra help. Many students take advantage of this time to get questions answered, to dive deeper into a topic or to get some extra help on homework or to prepare for assessments. Students who find themselves struggling in a class may find that they are mandated to tutorial time with that teacher so that they are meeting regularly to get back on track and there is a system of accountability to see this challenge through.

Students who are finding themselves struggling in more than one class might be assigned to Learning Lab on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4-5. This is an extra study hall that is supervised and supported by a classroom teacher to provide extra support for the student for as long as they need it.

Students may also opt into an evening Learning Lab during evening study hall times that take place in the MELL. The evening Learning Lab is supervised by a faculty member and provides supervision and support in their evening homework and study time.