Course Descriptions

Open to all students in Grades 6-8, R-MA provides a dynamic and enriching experience for students to explore a myriad of subjects designed to gauge intellectual curiosity and development.

Basic Math:
Focus on basic operations and word problems with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. 

Study Skills:
Discover the methodology of proper study habits, what works and what does not. Practice organizational, note-taking, and reading skills, and learn proper research and writing skills. 

Learn about simple machines and create a Rube Goldberg machine. Investigate what is happening today in the science world 

Creative Writing:
Let your imagination soar through poetry, memoirs, and stories while keeping your readers entranced. Create amazing characters and settings while developing short stories. 

Investigation early forms of innovation from early humans to current times 

Flight and Drones:
Fly drones, discuss careers in drones, learn flight terminology, practice with our on campus flight simulator 

Explore music in our Digital Piano Lab, combining technology and traditional music elements to create custom tracks with interesting sounds and beats!

Learn to code and complete missions using LEGO MINDSTORMⓇ EV3 software. Use 21st century skills that focus on problem- solving, creativity, and collaboration. Students will work in small teams to complete various tasks. Design 3D objects that can be used to make a job or task easier. Get creative and invent something! 

ESL – English as a Second Language:
This course is for all levels of ESL students. The teacher will differentiate the lessons according to the needs of the student. The goal is to meet the needs of each child in the ESL classroom and prepare him/her for the mainstream English classroom. 

Daily Schedule

6:45 Wake up
7:45-8:15 Breakfast
8:20 Flag raising
8:30-9:20 1st block
9:30-10:20 2nd block
10:30-11:20 3rd block
11:30-12:20 4th block
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30- 2:20 Mentoring
2:30-3:15 Activities/Review Lab
3:20 End of Academic Day 
3:20-4:20 Free time 
4:30-5:05 Study hall
5:15 Flagpole meeting
5:30-6:20 Dinner
6:20-9:30 Recreational activities 
9:30 Prepare for bed
9:45 Lights Out

*Day students sign in at 8:15 and sign out at 3:20 pm.