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This course is for students who enjoy working and making 2D and 3D artwork from a variety of materials. Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of design as a method for understanding, appreciating, criticizing, and producing both 2D and 3D artwork. With a focus on visual literacy, students analyze the cultural context of works and their place in art history, using judgment, criticism, and aesthetics in order to understand and appreciate the visual arts.

Processes covered include: drawing, painting, design, clay, wire, paper mȃché, 3D printing, laser cutting, engraving, and assemblage sculptures. The bulk of the work produced in this class will be done during class time, with a limited number of tests and quizzes throughout the year. Students maintain a portfolio documenting their accomplishments. The culminating portfolio will demonstrate quality, breadth of experience, technical skill, concentration, and growth over time, with an opportunity to present this work in an R-MA fine arts showcase.