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Here at Randolph-Macon Academy, our focus is on serving Amazing Food.  We use wholesome, fresh ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. We make delicious, healthy food from scratch in small batches so everyone gets a great, hot meal. We use an innovative metric, The Scratch Factor®, to quantify the level of “from scratch” cooking in all of our menus. Menus are tailored for our diverse school community and provide enough variety to please a range of palates and meet various dietary needs.

We create authentic international dining experiences and implement fun nutrition education programs featuring the historical, cultural, and scientific aspects of food. We help students make informed dining decisions using the SAGE Spotlight Program®, a system that shows nutritional values of menu items. We provide access to menus, custom allergen profiles, and feedback with the Touch of SAGE™ mobile app.

Our kitchens never use chemically preserved prepared foods. Stocks are prepared in-house, salad dressings are homemade, and all foods are prepared fresh daily by our staff. MSG and other chemical additives are never allowed in the preparation of our foods. R-MA uses hormone and antibiotic free 2% milk. Soy milk is also available upon request.

We take the same approach with our protein. We work with third-party verified humane USDA farms to custom cut and process our meat. Our chickens and turkeys are antibiotic and cage free. Our beef and pork are grass fed. The deli meats are house roasted and nitrate free. Vegan and vegetarian protein options are available for every meal.