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The goal of the Athletic Training Department at R-MA is to ensure our athletes receive excellent medical care on and off the field. We do this by requiring a medical history and profile of each athlete in our online Magnus Healthcare Tracking System. This enables each parent to document all medical history, including immunizations, allergies, surgeries, medications, doctor’s annual medical physical. It also provides permission for R-MA to treat their student and gives us vital contact information that enables us to contact families around the world in case of a medical emergency.

Filling out the important medical forms often starts the prevention treatment of our athletes. We see to any athletic injuries that happen during athletic activities such as practices or competitions. Once an athlete is injured we evaluate, treat, and help in the rehabilitation of that athlete. We often make the medical decision to further allow the player to return to the game or not based upon the extent of injury. It is our goal to get the athlete back on the field as quickly as possible but also as safely as possible.