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Upper School:
Whether a cold afternoon in early March or a summery day in May you will see our girls on the practice field, hard at work mastering their craft.  Our girls soccer program recent success can be attributed to one thing – hard work!  With players of all levels we have witnessed the following accomplishments, 2019 D.A.C. tournament champions and a V.I.S.A.A. State Tournament berth, 2016 D.A.C. tournament champions, 2013 D.A.C. tournament and regular season champions, 2012 D.A.C. regular season, co-champions.

Middle School:
Our Middle School soccer season, which takes place in the fall, is one of the first chances for us to see our students in a team setting.  Most years, we have students from all over the globe, of all different ability levels playing alongside one another.  This is an environment that allows our coaches to teach students what it takes to be a great teammate and build camaraderie.