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Upper School: 
Cross Country is a challenging sport of a lifetime that encourages both individual and team participation and develops a love for running. The great thing about cross country is that everyone who tries out for the sport generally gets to compete. Personal records are tallied right alongside championship performances. The philosophy is simple: have fun, race hard and train well. Recent accomplishments include 2011 D.A.C. runner-up, 2012 & 213 D.A.C. regular season champions.

Middle School:
On certain afternoon’s in the fall you can watch throngs of young athletes, with a wide range of abilities and enthusiasm, warm up and prepare to go to the starting line at a Cross Country race or begin practice. Some are seasoned runners while for others it is their first chance to prove themselves on a challenging two mile course. In either setting our students are challenging themselves to attack obstacles in their path which will certainly carry over to their everyday life.