The First Year

In the first year course for all underclassmen new to Air Force JROTC are taught:

AFJROTC instructors and experienced cadets ensure new cadets understand military organization and the importance of maintaining the standards of discipline and conduct essential to the effectiveness of a military unit.

Leadership and Character Development

A vital part of the AFJROTC curriculum is leadership and character development. At each level, from new cadet through our highest-ranking cadet leader, students receive focused, timely and effective schooling in leadership principles, teamwork, effective communication techniques and character traits of selflessness, service and integrity.

The most challenging opportunity for R-MA cadets is holding a position of leadership within the Corps.  Cadre Leadership Training is an opportunity each summer for selected, highly motivated juniors and seniors to engage in practical leadership training.  The weeklong course demands the best from participants as they strengthen their leadership skills and learn the value of teamwork and a positive attitude.  Cadets work together in small groups to solve prepared problem situations, compete in drill events, and prepare to teach new cadets.  Cadre training culminates with a formal promotion ceremony.  Cadets who graduate assume the top leadership positions in the Corps and train and mentor new and returning cadets who subsequently fill the remaining Corps positions.

The Corps is led by cadet officers and non-commissioned officers under the supervision of the AFJROTC staff.  The cadets exercise daily leadership and management of the student body during the academic year.  Together, seniors and juniors conduct the day-to-day operations of the Cadet Corps in terms of drill practice, parade preparation, dormitory and classroom leadership, and the structure of military life on campus.  Cadets develop “people skills” to accomplish daily tasks with their peers.

In the classroom, cadets work on written and oral communication skills.  Cadets are videotaped and allowed an opportunity to critique their individual performances to improve their public speaking skills and self-confidence. Stimulating discussions serve as a forum to broaden understanding and to prepare cadets to accept leadership and managerial roles within the cadet corps in subsequent years.  Discussion topics include