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The goal of the military program for the Falcon Scholar is to provide leadership training and character development in preparation for an Air Force Academy appointment.

Leadership Camp
All Falcon Scholars will join the Randolph-Macon Academy Cadre Leadership Training program in August. Like all other R-MA Cadre, they will receive intensive training in leadership, teamwork, drill and ceremonies, uniform wear, school policies, and physical fitness.

Rank and Position
Upon completion of Cadre Camp, Falcon Scholars will be promoted to the rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant within the Corps of Cadets. They will be assigned to one of the flights as a Flight Adjutant and, along with the Squadron Commander, will lead up to 30 fellow cadets in their daily activities. They will assist in the initial training and orientation of all new and returning cadets, as well as ensuring the health, safety, and daily accountability for assigned cadets in the dorm, in the classroom, and at all military functions.

Physical Training
In addition to the leadership duties described above and academic responsibilities, Falcon Scholars will prepare for the USAFA Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). We expect every student to be prepared and to perform well on the CFA.

Aerospace Classes
All Falcon Scholars will be assigned to an Aerospace 400-level class taught by a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel where they will learn citizenship, academic and social integrity, character, and service to others.

Mentoring & Guidance
Each Falcon Scholar will be assigned a mentor who will focus on academic and military performance and ensure their USAFA candidate application process is on track. The mentor will prepare and manage the Academy interview preparation. Mentoring will emphasize school rules, school culture, uniform care, and wear, and Service Academy application requirements tracking.