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The English as a Second Language program requires that ESL students enter R-MA with a minimum score of 70 on the TOEFL Jr. test. Students are tested during their enrollment in the Mainstream English class. International students whose English capabilities fall below the score of 30 are required to attend the ESL Summer School session prior to being admitted in the Fall.

Introduction to Mainstream English

Introduction to Mainstream English develops students’ oral and written English skills. Students will learn the principles of grammar, expand their vocabulary, and become more comfortable communicating in English. Students will learn how to write MLA papers, gather sources, analyze literature, and use literary terms. Assignments will include: oral presentations, grammar questions, essay writing, creative writing, writers’ workshops, vocabulary tests/quizzes, and research papers. Throughout the year, students will read short stories and several novels. Listening and speaking skills are developed through activities like class debates and presentations. Because this class prepares students to use English in all of their classes, some of the work will address mathematical and scientific literacy.