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Do you dream of soaring over the Earth? Do you dream of supporting and assisting those flying in the sky? Do you dream of directing the operations of an airline or drone company? Do you dream of inventing, developing, fixing aircraft both manned and unmanned?  There are so many options available in the aviation industry and the Aviation Pre-Professional Pathway at R-MA can help you find your niche. This pathway provides experience and knowledge to students so they understand the opportunities available, have a head start in furthering their education in this field, and discover potential careers in aviation. This pathway builds on the historic flight program of ground school and flying lessons with a selection of elective courses, guest speakers, field trips, internship opportunities, extensive opportunity for field research using unmanned aerial systems and culminating in a senior year capstone project.

The Aviation Pre-Professional Pathway is designed for students with an interest in and love of aviation-not just flying! 

Course Requirements: Students must take at least 4 of the following classes:

Experiential Learning Opportunities (must complete either an internship or summer program):

Senior Capstone Project

Pathway Advisors: