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World Languages at Our Prep School: Preparing Students for a Global Future

Students at Randolph-Macon Academy benefit from an advanced and well-rounded curriculum, with offerings that many schools across the country aren’t able to deliver. R-MA offers various world language courses from beginner to advanced in order to support students in their progress toward fluency. Integrated into their academics, these language courses provide an engaging global perspective with an emphasis on language skills as well as cultural understanding.

R-MA students are eager to learn, which is only enhanced by the vibrant atmosphere on campus, where the entire student body is dedicated to performing at its best. Developing a mindset geared toward hard work and innovation, students use their academic success to foster their own roles in society as responsible citizens and leaders. Discover how world language courses help further students’ development and opportunities as they pursue college.

Options for World Languages at Our Prep School

In our Upper School, students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to choose from language courses in French, German, and Spanish. Our prep school offers different levels of each language, starting with beginner levels and progressing to advanced courses that challenge students to improve their skills and adopt the second language seamlessly into their vocabulary. 

For students pursuing French courses, honors, advanced placement, and Dual Enrollment courses are available as natural progressions from French I and II. Those looking to take Spanish can enroll in our four-level Spanish curriculum, from beginner to advanced placement courses. For students pursuing German language proficiency, R-MA offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, with advanced courses exploring contemporary German issues as well as contemporary world issues from a German perspective. These unique world languages courses offer an extended look at the culture associated with each language as students advance their language skills.

R-MA students can choose from French, German, and Spanish for foreign language courses.

Preparing for Global Service

The R-MA World Languages Department helps students develop the skills needed for effective communication in their targeted language. This is accomplished through engaging activities and lessons that help students increase their abilities to speak, read, and write in this second language with accuracy. For students who go on to pursue roles in a global setting, whether in university or in careers following graduation, the foundation of language skills they learn at our preparatory school carries their ability to communicate with their colleagues around the world. 

Students learn more than just language skills in their world languages courses at R-MA. These courses place an emphasis on gaining a better knowledge and understanding of the people, geography, culture, and literature of the various countries that speak the selected language. With an open mind and a desire to learn about the world around them, R-MA students more readily adopt the language with this added context.

Our prep school students discover new cultures through language courses.

Enhancing College Applications

Many top American universities require three years of one foreign language course or two years of two different languages. Because of this, we require the same at R-MA for our Advanced College Prep Diploma. Students who have the opportunity to gain this academic experience throughout their middle and high school years are better equipped to take on their college courses with confidence and a high level of proficiency. Adding language courses to college resumes, especially advanced language courses, helps students stand out from their peers during the application process and heightens their chances of consideration for acceptance. The focus and drive depicted by a student’s record of multiple years of a target language cause university admissions officers to take their application seriously and consider the value they may bring to the university.

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