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Why International Students Should Consider Our Boarding School in Virginia

As a leading boarding school in the country, Randolph-Macon Academy offers international students a unique and quality education that can prepare them for bright futures. Whether they want to stay in the U.S. or continue their education and careers abroad, the values they will learn at R-MA will help them reach their full potential and land the higher education and careers they deserve.

With an emphasis on inclusion, community, and collaboration, the R-MA campus is enhanced by a vibrant student body dedicated to the school’s values. With the going-to-college mindset and a commitment to helping one another succeed, R-MA students can fully absorb their academic programs while prioritizing their personal growth. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of our boarding school for international students.

Excel in Our Advanced Academic Programs with ESL Support

International students have the opportunity to jump into rigorous academic programs at R-MA that are catered to their ability level, passions, and interests. Our student body comprises 30% international students, and over the years, they have come from over 20 different countries. These students are given every support they need to thrive under our specialized academic programs that aim to further their strengths and introduce them to new experiences and ideas.

While proof of English proficiency is required to attend R-MA, international students looking to further improve their English language skills may enter the English as a Second Language (ESL) program depending on their TOEFL Jr. test scores. Through Introduction to Mainstream English, students acquire oral and written English skills by participating in engaging and practice-based assignments, presentations, and group work. This course ensures students are ready to use English in all of their classes as they pursue their R-MA education.

Academic programs at our boarding school help students prepare for successful U.S. college experiences.

Begin Your Path Toward U.S. College Acceptance

Graduating from a highly regarded college prep school allows our students to have the most preparation possible for their higher education goals. International students at R-MA have earned numerous academic honors and gained acceptance to leading universities like Cornell University, UC Berkeley, McGill University, and more. 

The student-centered education found at R-MA employs the student’s prior knowledge, collaboration, and exploration of interests that help them arrive at an authentic understanding of the world. This is something that remains with students as they move on to university and eventually their professional careers, fostering their ability to become strong and independent leaders. The academic and extracurricular programs at R-MA help students present themselves to U.S. colleges with an advanced level of communication and collaboration skills along with a strong work ethic as representative of their high school achievements.

International students gain acceptance into leading universities across the country each year.

Enjoy an Immersive Boarding Experience at Our Boarding School

The residential experience at our boarding school makes every student feel at home. Each international student, from the moment they arrive on campus, is encouraged to share their culture and beliefs, supported in their transition to living in the U.S., and assigned to a mentor who helps them settle into American life. The tight-knit and welcoming community at R-MA helps students of all backgrounds feel included and accepted. International students have access to the same clubs, sports teams, and extracurricular activities as the rest of the student body. This immersion helps students quickly form great friendships on campus that often last a lifetime for R-MA graduates, making their experience on campus life-changing.

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