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Why International Students Should Consider Applying to Our Private Boarding School

At R-MA, our student body consists of many different nationalities. Over the years, our students have come from many different countries, including the Bahamas, China, Ghana, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Korea, and Vietnam.

R-MA is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an American education that can help you prepare for university life. With a 100% rate of acceptance to university upon graduation, our students often complete their education at R-MA with the opportunity to attend prestigious colleges and universities in the United States and all over the world. Here are some great reasons why international students should consider applying to Randolph-Macon Academy.

Our Prep School Gives International Students a Fantastic Education

Of Randolph-Macon Academy’s entire student body, 30% of pupils come from outside the United States. More than 12 countries are represented among this percentage. Once here, international students enter an academic environment well-known for its excellent education and program structure. Students at our boarding school learn among a tight-knit community, in small-sized classes, and with a strong focus on preparing for life in college or university.

International students can improve their English by living in our campus dorms

Students can live in on-campus dorms, where they join an English-speaking culture alongside their classmates. International students are also assigned mentors, who can help them with various aspects of R-MA life, such as sending items in the mail, opening a bank account, and scheduling TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) tests. At R-MA, staff and faculty are always there to help international students get acclimated to life at an American prep school.

Studying at R-MA Also Teaches You How to Become a Better Leader

At R-MA, our approach to educating students isn’t simply based on what they learn in the classroom. International students coming to Virginia to study at our school also get the chance to learn in ways that help them improve their sense of leadership, responsibility, and character. For example, all our Upper School students take part in the Air Force JROTC program. This program teaches students the importance of self-discipline, strong communication, and citizenship. Additionally, our school’s Honor Code teaches students how to act with integrity at all times, and students have the opportunity to engage with many different kinds of community service initiatives.

Additional Perks International Students Can Expect

International students have a number of great reasons to choose to study at Randolph-Macon Academy. For example, they may be attracted to our private boarding school based on R-MA’s location in Virginia—in close distance to Washington, D.C. This aspect can help international students familiarize themselves better with American culture, making it easy to take field trips to Washington and other areas of interest located near our academy.

International students have the option to go on a variety of educational field trips

R-MA also encourages international students to introduce their culture and customs to other students. This includes sharing the meaning of their cultural traditions with others, or helping to prepare traditional meals from their country.

Want to attend our coeducational private school as an international student?

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