Why Dual Enrollment Classes Are Worth Taking at Our College Preparatory School

For ambitious students at Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA), the Dual Enrollment stream is an excellent opportunity to go above and beyond the high school curriculum. Nowadays, it’s increasingly common for high school students to enter college equipped with some experience of higher education. At R-MA, students with dual-enrolled status will have the chance to earn college credit while taking selected advanced courses. With the option to match their courses to the curriculum of college survey work, students can gain early experience of a university-level curriculum, while fulfilling some of the requirements of their bachelor’s degree. Here are the benefits of dual enrollment classes for students at R-MA. 

Gain Early Experience of College Survey Courses

Dual enrollment is a valuable opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the academic demands of university. At our private school academy, students can experience first-hand the rewards of college survey course work, while gaining a unique insight into the expectations of a college-level curriculum. Instructors of Dual Enrollment courses at R-MA hold the appropriate experience and credentials to provide students with exceptional learning resources and guidance throughout their studies. 

Dual Enrollment gives students an insight into college-level courses

Earn College Credit at Our Private School Academy 

Upon completion, students can obtain college credit for courses taken under dual-enrolled status. College credit is awarded directly by the relevant college or university, and students request their transcripts of college credit from the said institution. Many esteemed colleges will accept credit for courses offered at our boarding school. R-MA offers a number of dual-enrolled courses at Shenandoah University and Lord Fairfax Community College. When considering courses, students can check the requirements of prospective colleges in order to align their curriculum with the needs of their future degree. 

With the chance to satisfy some of the requirements of a college degree in high school, Dual Enrollment can reduce the overall expense of college. The average college student takes around 15 credits per semester. By getting a head start on college credits, students can reduce the length of their degree or opt to balance their schedule accordingly.  Many graduates of R-MA have received enough credits to satisfy the requirements of a full Freshman year of college. For students looking to plan ahead, dual-enrolled status is both a rewarding and productive path in their education. 

Students can plan ahead by earning college credits at our private school academy

Plan and Prepare for the Future With R-MA’s Curriculum

The transition to college is quick, and students may find themselves overwhelmed with decisions to make. Adjusting to course structures, balancing schedules, and immersing oneself in college life can be a challenging time. Understanding the rhythm of college classes can help alleviate the challenges of academic transition, and allow students to explore their intended path. Whether your child is a junior or senior in high school, dual enrollment at R-MA offers students the chance to consider their future options under the guidance of our instructors. 

The Dual Enrollment program can be tailored to students across various disciplines, with available courses in the arts, science, social studies, and language sectors. The breadth of R-MA’s curriculum allows students to explore these subjects as potential majors, prior to beginning their bachelor’s degree. With Dual Enrollment, the emphasis is on academic enrichment, while preparing students for the responsibility and expectations of university.  

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