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How R-MA Builds Strong Character in Students

As a college prep school, R-MA takes pride in our ability to produce graduates with strong academic skills, strong work ethic, and the life skills they need to succeed in any endeavor. Our students are well-adjusted and ready to face the challenges of college because of our emphasis on character-building. Keep reading to discover what character means, the value of character development, and how we instill character in R-MA students. 

What Is Character? 

To us, an individual with strong character possesses moral qualities and habits that positively distinguish them. You may find the etymology of the word ‘character’ interesting. The Greek word, Kharakter, is directly translated to “distinctive mark” in English, making those with strong character stand out because they adhere to an inner moral compass. Faced with many distractions and confusing messages, we know that our students could use guidance as they distinguish themselves as morally upright citizens of their school communities and the world at large – but what’s the value of this?

A day and boarding school student on a climbing wall wearing a harness and helmet
Students at our day and boarding school are encouraged to grow academically and personally.

Why Is Character Development Important for Students? 

In addition to a rigorous military education that prepares students to excel academically, R-MA values our students’ personal and social development. In college, students face more challenging subjects and more demanding schedules, but the positive development of a well-adjusted college student doesn’t end there. 

Character building at R-MA is designed to give our students the confidence to stay true to their moral convictions and be comfortable in their skin. The value of character building at R-MA lies in its ability to bolster students’ faith in themselves and their ability to embrace their individuality. Now that you know why character development is important for students, you may wonder how we instill character in R-MA students.

Two day and boarding school students in uniform smiling and posing for a photo
Character building at our day and boarding school is essential to college success.

How R-MA Instill Strong Character in Our Students 

Everyday life at R-MA is designed to build strong characters in our students. The environment we’ve created encourages strong mentorship relationships. Staff or faculty members meet with a group of two to eight students to provide support and engage in meaningful conversations about studies and life. We believe these mentorship relationships are integral to character building, allowing students to benefit from the wisdom of those with more life experience and valuable lessons to share. We also encourage character development through community service—students at our day and boarding school log 12,000 hours of community service each year. For guidance, our students can rely on the R-MA Honor Code, which espouses three essential principles: trust, honesty, and respect. 

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