Why A Dynamic Approach To Learning Is So Beneficial To Preparatory Middle School Students

Attending middle school at Randolph-Macon Academy can provide many benefits for your child. It can also help them learn in ways they otherwise might not in another school environment. With the dynamic approach to learning used at R-MA, students can develop skills in leadership, problem-solving, and self-discipline, as well as absorb course material in innovative ways.
Students from grades 6 to 8 will be able to learn from dynamic instruction in a welcoming environment, with small class sizes, greater attention from teachers, and a truly unique learning experience. Here’s how middle school students can benefit from Randolph-Macon Academy’s dynamic approach to learning.

Students Develop a Greater Sense of Self-Discipline and Confidence

Any student at R-MA can feel as if they’re in a caring environment where teachers, mentors, and other adult figures work with them to help fulfill their potential. This means supporting students both inside and outside the classroom by helping them develop their sense of self-discipline and confidence. By taking responsibility for their schoolwork and working with adult leaders, students can learn how to become more independent and self-starting with their education and everyday life. By doing this, they learn in dynamic ways and develop important life skills.

Small class sizes improve students’ learning experience

A Dynamic Approach to Learning Can Also Help Students’ Creativity

Not only do students at our private academy learn in a supportive environment that nurtures their sense of self-sufficiency and responsibility, but they also learn in ways that challenge them and help cultivate a greater sense of creativity. For example, classroom discussion is a major component of the learning experience at R-MA, giving students the opportunity to openly ask questions and contribute to dialogue among their teachers and fellow students. Numerous course options also help develop their sense of innovation, including Science, Robotics, and Visual & Performing Arts. Our Innovation Lab also gives middle school students a space to work on projects with their hands. Students are encouraged to learn in ways that allow them to work better in collaboration with their peers, develop critical thinking skills, and approach their learning in more creative ways.

R-MA’s Innovation Lab can help students explore their creativity

Our Day and Boarding Middle School Students Can Develop a Lifelong Love of Learning

Through our hands-on approach, comprehensive curriculum, small class sizes (about eight to 12 students each), and a diverse selection of elective courses, students at our preparatory middle school can learn key concepts at deeper levels than they otherwise would. They also have the opportunity to explore subjects they’re passionate about, and engage with course material in a manner that feels rewarding and authentic.

Students can choose from a variety of different elective courses, allowing them to pursue their interests in subjects like robotics, digital piano, art, French, Spanish, German, and more. Advanced students looking for an additional challenge also have the opportunity to take upper level courses in several different subjects, including algebra and geometry. Together, these aspects of an R-MA education help students develop a positive relationship with learning and gaining new skills. This love of learning can in turn follow students to high school and beyond, as they work hard to develop their skills and achieve their goals.

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