What Students Should Know About Our Private Academy’s College Counseling Program

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we take great pride in how our students have gone from our private school to some of the most prestigious universities in America and around the world. In fact, our graduating classes have accessed an average annual total of $8 million or more in scholarships each year since 2017. They also consistently have a 100% university acceptance rate. To get there, students can take full advantage of our school’s college counseling program. Through this, they can apply to their desired institution(s) while receiving the full support of our dedicated staff.

At R-MA, we work hard to make sure that students are thoroughly prepared to not only experience life in college, but thrive once they get there. Here’s what you should know about R-MA’s college counseling program.

Our Private Academy’s College Stellar Acceptance Rates

As mentioned earlier, 100% of students graduating from our school get accepted into post-secondary institutions. Over the years, these have included Harvard University, MIT, Virginia Tech, Duke, UCLA, and Boston University, as well as prestigious institutions in countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This success is due in particular to our school’s commitment to helping students be as prepared as they can be for life after high school. Teaching our students about the importance of becoming independent is the foundation of the academic environment we cultivate at R-MA, and this commitment helps our students smoothly transition into the post-secondary environment.

100% of graduating students get accepted into various universities

What Our College Counselling Program Can Provide to Students

Our college prep boarding school maintains a steady relationship with admissions representatives at many different institutions. This means that our counselors are up-to-date and aware of how to best prepare students for the application process. While working alongside a counselor, students receive advice on how to best prepare for life in college, determine which institutions are realistic for the student and fit their needs and goals, build strategies and goals for their life in post-secondary learning, and more. Students are also able to work with our Director of College Counseling to get an idea of how their academic goals and experiences can play to their advantage while getting ready to move on to post-secondary life.

Students receive support from our Director of College Counseling while applying for schools

How Students Fulfill Their Goals Through Our College Readiness Program

As students begin preparing for the transition from life at our private academy to life in university, R-MA’s College Readiness Program offers them the assistance needed to make that transition as seamlessly as possible.

Starting in the ninth grade, students receive one-on-one planning for their college years, to help them find the best institution for them based on their academic performance, career goals, and interests. Students are also able to use the program Naviance, which produces readiness assessments in order to help them better understand how prepared they are for life after high school, and what their needs and skills are. This is so that their support, and the areas they focus on, can be more personalized. Students will also have access to our College Counseling Guidebook, which describes in extensive detail the students’ role during each step of the application process, as well as how the college counselor will assist them throughout, and what parents should and should not do regarding their involvement. This helps to demystify the college application process, making it more accessible and less intimidating to parents and students alike.

For further information, contact:

CMSgt Mary Gamache

College Counselor



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