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What Makes Summer Programs at Our Boarding School Unique?

Summer programs aren’t to be taken lightly, as they pose a great opportunity for students to expand on their academic abilities while enjoying their time before the school year begins Randolph-Macon Academy prioritizes an extensive summer boarding school program that sheds light on just how much students can accomplish when they have access to various course options and support over summer.

This upcoming summer, our on-campus instruction comes with so much excitement and relief that students once again are able to commit to their studies, experience the thoughtful environment found at R-MA, and make the most of their summers alongside their peers. Continue reading to see why our summer programs are so unique!

Extensive Course Choices Increase Student Opportunities

Our boarding school summer course options give students the ability to either replace a less than ideal mark, or get ahead on their courses. With extensive options, students get the experience they need, no matter their goals.

Middle School and Upper School students both have the option to attend summer programs at R-MA. Middle School students benefit from an immersive experience where they build the skills to be safe and responsible digital citizens through our mentorship program. Upper School students also enjoy academically enriching courses that are specifically designed to be completed over a shortened time period. Courses range from Languages, to History, to English and Math studies, as well as the popular Aviation program for rising 9th graders and Upper School students. The entire course list in our summer brochure outlines the programs available for each age group.

coed private school
Summer boarding school programs at R-MA are available in a number of different subjects, including Aviation

Spend Summer On Campus at Our Coed Private School

After having to endure so many events, courses, and programs in virtual format over the last couple of years, our students, faculty, and staff appreciate in-person classes more than ever. At R-MA, students get to reunite with their friends, collaborate with their peers, and work together to achieve their summer goals.

Summer courses at our coed private school cater to a true summer experience that will help students make the most of their time outside of the regular school year. Curated specifically to see each student succeed, progress, and move forward, each class offered at R-MA is unique and unlike any found at public schools. Careful program design, structured activities, and free time on campus helps students create a summer they won’t forget, while getting the grades they need.

private middle school
Being on-campus for the summer means students are more engaged with and excited about their summer courses

Taking Advantage of Transferable Credits

Upper School students who join us for a fun summer on campus have an added advantage of using their summer school courses for transferable credits. This means that each course counts towards high school credits, bringing up their overall course credit count for their time at R-MA. 

Getting ahead over the summer allows students to boost their college applications, expand the amount of courses they can take, and ensure that they aren’t missing any credits. While courses are safe, fun, and engaging, they are also practical, furthering students’ education and preparing them for college. With the ability to prioritize the present while preparing for the future, R-MA students make the most of their education all summer long.

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