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Using the Power of Connection on Our Prep School’s Campus to Build Community

Students at Randolph-Macon Academy are trained not just to become thought leaders in their future careers but also to become useful and productive members of their community. Realizing that connection facilitates and enhances community building, we encourage the formation of strong connections among our students through rigorous academics and ample social interaction. Through various social activities, community involvement, and sports participation, students at R-MA form meaningful connections with their peers and develop essential interpersonal skills.

The family-like atmosphere on our campus and in our classrooms fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging in our students, encouraging them to forge lifelong, meaningful relationships to help them reach their full potential. This strong sense of community also creates a positive and supportive learning environment, promotes student engagement and success, and enhances overall student well-being. Read on to discover how R-MA leverages the power of connection to build community on our campus.

Building Community Through Social Programs and Events

One of the ways that we promote connection on our campus is through intentional programming and events. These include social activities, such as arcades, dances, field trips, go-kart racing, and other opportunities for students in our prep school to meet and connect with one another. These events are designed to promote a sense of belonging by highlighting shared experiences and common goals.

In every prep school, sports is one of the most effective ways for students to build meaningful connections with each other.

At R-MA, Community engagement programs are also emphasized and promoted. Students are encouraged to complete 8,000 hours of community service, which enables them to understand their roles within the community and make a difference in it. In addition, students are encouraged to take up several social activities that promote interaction and connection with other students, such as sports. These activities help foster a spirit of collaboration essential for community building and character development.

Encouraging Interpersonal Connections Through Shared Spaces

Another critical aspect of promoting connection on our prep school campus is using intentional spaces and places. At R-MA, these include common areas such as the Boggs Chapel, the Drama Club theatre, our state-of-the-art sports center, movie theaters and museums, study spaces, and other places where students typically gather and interact with one another. These spaces have been designed to promote belonging and community by creating a sense of shared ownership and investment in the space. For instance, our science labs at R-MA are maintained by our students, which helps to promote a sense of shared responsibility and ownership among them.

At R-MA, our students share both study and living spaces, and this is a great way for them to cultivate a sense of belonging and community.

Students at our private boarding school share classrooms and other study areas as well as living spaces. Living close to each other, students form meaningful relationships and forge a sense of connection that’s essential for community building. 

Promoting Connection Through Mentorship and Leadership Programs

R-MA promotes connection on campus through the use of mentorship and counseling programs. These programs provide opportunities for students to connect with older and more experienced students, faculty, and staff members. They also help promote a sense of belonging and community by providing students with role models, mentors, and opportunities for career advancement. 

Our College Counseling program helps facilitate student success by providing individualized guidance to each student. A counselor makes recommendations and suggestions designed to help students pick out the right college for them based on their academic profiles. Beyond this, each student at R-MA gets assigned to a faculty or staff mentor who provides guidance and support throughout their academic journey. These mentorship programs provide opportunities for students to learn from more experienced staff members and develop a sense of belonging within the boarding school community.

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